We provide marketing support for tech businesses

At Bishop Marketing Communications, one of our key specialisms is supporting tech companies with their communications and marketing efforts. We do this, predominantly for B2B organisations, but we have also helped small tech start up businesses too.

We understand that tech companies have a specific audience in mind and need their audience to understand and value the benefits of their new software, product features or brand-new launch.

Targeting trade press

The PR work we do for tech-oriented businesses targets key publications aimed at a specific audience. This helps companies showcase their capabilities and demonstrate their tech-authority to potential customers and clients. In a constantly evolving sector, our large media database is vital in accessing the latest tech news opportunities, including in-depth features, comment and opinion pieces on a broad range of topics.

We also work with brands who want to gain coverage in the main stream consumer press. We do this by finding the most engaging stories behind your business, product or services, highlighting benefits and weaving messages into creative content pieces that journalists can’t resist.

Content creation for tech companies

We also create and advise on online content for tech businesses. For example, it’s often relevant to translate intricate features of a new platform through a simple blog post. Case studies also help to demonstrate the benefits of new systems and give useful insights to how your business achieves goals.

Making your company more visible online involves getting your content mix spot on. This could be creating a catalogue of how-to guides, producing weekly vlogs and shareable blogs, or ensuring you are commenting on industry news through interesting and thought-led articles. We will work with you to create the best results-driven content plan.

Get in touch and find out more…

If you think we can help your tech business, we would love to hear from you. Take a look at some of the projects we have worked with and get in touch with our team.