A simple way to adapt your communications during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has sent the business community into a tailspin, of that there is no doubt, but the resilient and compassionate nature of many companies and entrepreneurs has shown us that when the chips are down, and we mean really down, it can be a time of great innovation and improvisation.

Whilst it has taken some weeks for business owners to consider how they can alter their working methods and processes to safely generate much needed income and safeguard jobs, many have also selflessly offered their skills and resources to provide vital equipment and services to those working in our health and care sector.

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Heart warming stories have hit the headlines, from manufacturing companies transforming their production lines to produce urgently needed PPE, to hotels offering free accommodation to frontline NHS staff. In the long term though, this approach also reaps dividends for their brand reputation. Whilst some well-known national and international corporations have suffered bad press about their actions, others have risen to the challenge and flourished in terms of consumer opinion. What we’re learning is that in times of national crisis, it pays to be nice.

At Bishop Marketing Communications, we decided to show solidarity with a business that has already risen to the challenge of these tenuous times. As the coronavirus crisis deepened, Kathryn, of Kathryn Smith Interiors became aware of the growing need for wash bags and scrubs for NHS staff nursing coronavirus patients during conversations with her neighbour, who works in the Accident and Emergency department at the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital. Kathryn immediately took it upon herself to co-ordinate a crack team of seamstresses to produce as many of the required products as possible. She has so far raised over £3500 to buy materials and put in many hours of unpaid labour to meet the needs of those fighting the virus on the frontline.

Share your news

Knowing all this, we decided that we could also assist in some small way, showing our gratitude by promoting news of this selfless gesture, after all, all businesses are suffering from an uncertain future, whatever it looks like, so it only seems fair that those who show their benevolence receive a level of recognition that may help to re-launch them into the post-pandemic world.

We conducted a short interview with Kathryn before generating some fantastic press coverage in the Manchester Evening News, BBC Radio Manchester which transformed into thousands of online views. The media presence caught the attention of Rochdale AFC, where her son plays for the under 11 side, and they then took up the reins promoting it on their website and social media pages. Further to this, Kathryn secured an appearance on ITV news.

What can your business do?

Positive news is thin on the ground these days and we were thrilled that we could play our part in delivering some much needed positivity. Good news travels fast as they say. If your business is in a position to make a difference, whatever your trade, it is worthwhile considering ways in which you can do so, utilising the skills and resources you already have at your disposal. It’s a no-brainer.

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