3 tips to improve B2B social media marketing

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Social media campaigns are an integral part of any B2C marketing effort and, in many cases, they’re the main driver for new business. But what about B2B? Is it a whole different beast, or do the same rules apply? Let’s have a look at three specific pointers for fruitful B2B social media crusades…

Keep on blogging

Blogging burst onto the social media scene in a big way 10 years ago, and has become a staple in the digital marketing diet, but don’t assume because video content is riding high at the moment that blogging is dead. Business blogging, is, in fact, enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. Research shows that if you blog daily, you’re likely to get five times more traffic, and once you accumulate more than 50 posts, your traffic can increase by +50% – think of it as the compound effect – little and often reaps rewards. Remember as well that longer blogs (around 1100 – 1500 words) improve engagement, provide scope for longer key phrases and typically, blogs that have more followers on social media networks achieve more back links and traffic.

Think ‘voice’

Speaking of words…rumour has it that approximately half of online searches will be made using this method in 2020. Although this figure is debatable, it’s clear that voice search is gathering momentum. So how can you improve your B2B comms? There’s actually a whole heap of things you can do, including using natural, conversational language in your content, intertwining long-tail keywords in your copy, and using direct answers to very specific questions in your content. Fundamentally, you need to ensure you are always striving to fulfil user intent.

Use tools

When it comes to social media networking sites, don’t be afraid of researching some time-saving tools. For example, if you’re prone to hashtag spamming (i.e. not knowing how or when to stop using the key with those inimitable four lines preceded by words of deteriorating levels of association…ahem) then a platform like RiteTag can help you get a feel for hashtags and provide useful suggestions. In addition, as B2B campaigns often fail to measure social media success well, a site like Sniply can help highlight calls to action, drive more traffic to your website and access engagement metrics.

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